Diamond vs Moissanite. What is the difference?

Diamonds are the number one choice when it comes to jewelry, but it is more expensive than moissanite. The reason why diamonds are the first choice is because of a lack of information about the moissanite. Even, if there is a huge difference between a diamond and moissanite, these stones are both valuable and special in their own way.


The most expensive stone that can be purchased, the diamond is the number one stone for jewelry. Diamonds are also the hardest and most durable stone on the planet. Diamonds come from deep within the earth. It is hard to find it, and it’s why it is known as a precious stone.

A diamond’s price is depending on the size, the carat and the purity of the diamond. The larger the diamond, the more expensive it is going to be. There are many fake diamonds on the market, that people think are real diamonds. Especially, with jewelry. The fake diamonds is because of how expensive real diamonds can be.

Features of a diamond

There are a couple of features about a diamond that not any other stone has. Making a diamond unique. These are the features of a real, valuable diamond.

  • The way it reflects light. It reflects light back, in three different ways. This is the only stone that can do that. And, this is the main way for experts to determine if a stone is a real diamond, moissanite, or a fake glass stone.
  • When it comes to hardness, a diamond is getting a 10. Meaning that this is the hardest stone on earth. Not even a stone, glass or anything else is harder than a diamond.
  • There are no traces of yellow, brown, or grey when looked in a diamond with a magnifying glass.
  • A diamond is a most expensive, and most durable stone that can be purchased.
  • Diamonds come in different colors, from pure white to light yellow.


A common mistake is to think that a moissanite stone is another name for a fake diamond. Moissanite originate from meteorites from outer space. Most moissanite is created in laboratories today. Moissanites are the second hardest stone on earth and just as durable as a diamond.

The price of moissanite is more expensive than fake stones but cheaper than diamonds. It also depends on the size and carat of the stone. There aren’t really many fake moissanite produced. This is because the moissanite is already lab-produced, and cheaper than diamonds. There are no requests for cheaper moissanite options.

Features of a moissanite

  • Moissanites aren’t fake diamonds. They are lab produced, but still with real and unique features.
  • It reflects light in a completely different way as diamonds. With full rainbow color reflection when looked into the stone.
  • Moissanite stones have a refractive index from 2.65 – 2.69. It is much higher than those of a diamond.
  • The stone is just as durable as a diamond. Making it great and recommended for everyday wear.
  • The color of real moissanite will only come in pure white. Cheap imitations will have less pure color, and might even have a yellowish color.

Compare differences between a diamond and moissanite

In order to understand the difference between a diamond and moissanite is to compare it, side by side.

  • A diamond is a 10 when it comes to hardness and durability. Moissanite is a 9 when it comes to hardness and durability.
  • A diamond is reflecting light in three different, and unique ways. With moissanite, it reflects like similar to a disco ball. In full rainbow colors.
  • Diamonds are much more expensive than moissanite, and it is more common inexpensive jewelry than with moissanite.
  • Diamonds are found deep under the ground and need mining to find. Even if moissanite are actually meteorites, it is made in a lab, and no need for mining is required.
  • Moissanites do project a yellow or grayish hue in certain light conditions. While the diamonds have no sign of any yellow, brown, or grey hue.
  • Diamonds are the favorite stone to be used in jewelry, but the moissanite is the cheaper favorite to use for a more affordable option.
  • The larger the stone, the easier it will be to spot the difference between a moissanite and a diamond.

Diamonds versus Moissanites. Similar precious stones, but also with a lot of differences. One is found deep underneath the ground, the other one is found in space and is created in a lab. Diamonds are harder than moissanite, but only by a bit. These stones are both durable, and great for everyday jewelry. The diamond jewelry is the more expensive one, and the moissanite is for the more affordable jewelry for the everyday person. Many mistaken moissanite for fake diamonds, however, this is far from the truth. These are real stones but just created in a lab.