What are black diamonds?

What are black diamonds? Not many are familiar with these precious stones, and this causes confusion when choosing a diamond for jewelry options.

With this complete guide about black diamonds, it will make it easier to understand this precious stone and why this is getting popular among people.

How are black diamonds made?

Black diamonds are made similar to normal white diamonds. It is also being made under pressure, with the element carbon under the surface of the earth that produces a repetitive geometric pattern in the crystal lattice. Creating the precious stone over time.

The only difference is that with the black stone, there are graphite inclusions present, which is causing the stone to turn black.

Are black diamonds valuable?

These black precious stones are known as fancy colored stones. Because of the fact that these stones are extremely rare, it is a lot more valuable than the normal diamonds.

The larger the black diamond, the more valuable it will be. However, something to consider is that specifically the black stones, are less valuable than the white diamonds. The only reason is that it is in less demand than the white ones.

What are enhanced black diamonds?

Enhanced black diamonds are stones that are artificially turned black in laboratories. It is normal white diamonds, that are getting turned black. Not the natural black stones that are found under the ground.

This is making the stones more affordable for those that are looking for this black precious stone, but that can’t afford the natural mined one. But, it is also making the value of the stone a lot less.

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Are there any famous black diamonds?

There are a couple of famous black diamonds that have an interesting history. The first famous black diamond is the 67.50 carat Black Orlov. This stone is made in a brooch, that is surrounded with 108 colorless diamonds and that has another 124 diamonds completing the brooch.

The other famous black precious stone is the 312.24 carats the Spirit of de Grisogono. It is known as the world’s largest black diamond found on earth up to date. And, it is the world’s fifth-largest diamond on earth.

Are Black Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Black diamonds are real diamonds. As explained before, these black precious stones are produced the same way as any other white diamond. With the only difference that there was graphite present in the ground, giving the stone the black color.

It is a real diamond, with real value. The only reason why it's not more expensive is it isn’t as much in demand as the white diamond.

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How Natural Black Diamonds Are Formed

Natural Black diamonds are formed deep underground. The same ways as normal, natural white diamonds. The only difference is that the black stones are naturally colored black, while the white stones are pure and white.

Studies have shown that the reason for the black stones, is the presence of graphite in the soil where the diamonds are formed. The graphite is coloring the stones black, instead of creating pure, white precious stones.

What About Treated Black Diamonds?

Treated black diamonds are normal white precious stones that are turned black in a lab. They adding graphite to the stone and turning it into a black precious stone.

The white diamond is normally a natural diamond, that has the same value, size, and color as the diamonds that are commonly known before it gets turned black. In some cases, the precious stone is lab-made as well. Making it even more affordable to purchase.

Are Black Diamonds Low-Quality Stones?

No, black diamonds aren’t low-quality stones. The facts are that these black precious stones are actually higher in value. The only reason why this is a stone that is more affordable than the white diamond is because it isn’t as high in demand as the normal precious stone.

Natural black diamonds are higher in quality than the enhanced black precious stones. Making it more affordable for people that can’t afford to purchase the natural black ones.

Should You Buy Black Diamonds?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. This is a matter of taste. Some like having the black diamonds in their jewelry, while others feel that the original, white diamonds are the way to go.

Those that are purchasing one of these black precious stones, do this because it is more affordable, but you still have an original, natural stone. This is if you are purchasing a natural black diamond. The treated black stones are even cheaper, but they are lower in value as well.

Where to Buy Diamond Jewelry?

If you want to purchase authenticated diamond jewelry, it is important to purchase it at the right place. Normally at jewelry stores, or online is the best place to purchase any diamond jewelry, which will include black precious stones.

It is essential to know the features of an authenticated diamond in order to purchase a real black diamond instead of fake ones, at original prices. This does happen all the time to people without knowledge between fake and real diamonds.

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Are Black Diamonds Expensive?

It depends on if the diamond is naturally black, or treated black. The naturally black diamonds are expensive but more affordable than white diamonds. Not because of its lower value. Because these aren’t as in demand as other diamonds.

The treated black diamonds are the cheapest to purchase. This is because it isn’t natural, and it is manipulated in a laboratory.

Black Diamonds Price Per Carat

The black diamond price per carat differs from country to country. And from availability. But, overall the price per carat is going between $3000 to $5000. This is still really expensive and not many people can afford purchasing jewelry with a whole carat black diamond.

There are many things that are influencing the price of the black diamond. These are the prices of natural black precious stones. The enhanced black precious stones are a lot cheaper than $3000 per carat.

Determining the Value of Black Diamonds

It is important to make sure that you determining the value of black diamonds by taking it to an expert for an appraisal. You can’t determine the value of these precious stones, without any experience and knowledge of these stones.

These stones are getting appraised by the carat, the purity and the grade of the diamond. Something that only experts can determine.

Black Diamond’s Intensity Levels

With the black diamond, there are a couple of intensity levels. The more intense the level of the color, the more expensive the diamond will be. These are the known intensity levels that are being used to rate these diamonds.

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Dark

Black diamond’s rarity and prices
With the black diamond, the rarity is determining the price. Meaning that the rarer the diamond, the more expensive it is going to be.

The darker and more intense the color of the black precious stone, the rarer it is. And, this will influence the price. Meaning that the gray diamond will be cheaper than the charcoal black stone.

What Do Black Diamonds Symbolize?

What does a black diamond symbolize? Especially, when it is designed in an engagement ring? This color diamond ring will symbolize eternal, flawless, and unchanging love. Its why many are choosing the black precious stone as an engagement or wedding ring.

It has the perfect meaning to ensure that your love is going to be eternal and unchanging.

Black diamonds. So many things are still unclear about this precious stone. With this complete guide, it will be a lot easier to understand everything about this diamond. Especially, when it comes to choosing between the natural black stone and the enhanced black stone. One thing is clear, a black diamond is still a valuable, real diamond. The only difference is that it is black in color.


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