Eco-friendly jewelry

All of us here at Segal Jewelry strongly believe we must make our jewelry without leaving a harmful imprint on our precious planet and all of us are committed to this cause.  This is why that in addition to our Fair trade and conflict-free gemstones we also have a commitment for being Eco Friendly.

Eco-friendly jewelry

Many negative, awful exploitation of earthly resources and even human suffering are sometimes affiliated with metal mining in places that are not taking care of decent employment terms. This is why we use only pure recycled, ethically sourced gold and other metals. This way we do not contribute to anymore unethical mining.

Eco-friendly packaging

Every material used to making all of our beautiful packaging elements, everything from our unique ring box to the outer packaging is made either from bio-degradable eco-friendly material or other post-consumer recycled, ethically sourced materials.

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