Handmade Superior Quality

Our most precious company value is serving our customers and providing them with the very best and finest pieces of jewelry to their complete satisfaction. It is well known at the company owner, Chief designer and Goldsmith at Segal Jewelry, Yaniv Segal, the, will not stop working on any piece of jewelry until it is perfect, he will not settle for less.

How do we do that?

First, we are committed to preserving the tradition of making Handcrafted Jewelry. Each and every one of our rings is the result of hundreds of hours invested in making unique designs on a highly advanced computer system. Every little detail is designed to perfection, allowing us to produce highly sophisticated Art deco style rings, Victorian, Edwardian etc.

Next, The materials we use. We believe in making high quality Jewelry without leaving a print on our previous planet Earth. This is why we use only Ethically sourced 100% pure recycled metals, Fair Trade originated gemstones and diamonds, Ethically sourced Moissanites and other synthetic gemstones.

After casting the ring using an advanced 3D model, the ring proceeds back to our studio where Yaniv Segal takes the newly born Jewel and turns into a work of art, made to perfection. Caring for even the tiniest of details.

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