Our Mission

We on Segal Jewelry believe on giving back to the people who need, this is why we donate clean water on every order to save people’s lives.

After Yaniv’s travel in the world for few years from the far east to the far west, seeing different cultures, people and conditions of living. The fire of giving back to the community raised in him.

During his travel and studying the art of handmade jewelry, Yaniv was living in his Indian Jewelry Guru house in a small village in the far east of India.

In this village there is no source of clean water, the fact that there is no clean water to drink causes to weakened populations like, new born, children, and elders an repairable damage. The average life expectancy are lower and the percentages of cancer and other terminal illnesses and malformations are high.

Today, we are donating clean water for a year on every order, all the process is being fully transparent, you can see the our impact until today and on every product we show how many people we will be able to provide clean water by placing an order on our website.

That was the moment he realized he had found his calling.

“Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

Together we can make a change.

Wishing to all of us always be on the side that gives

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