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Thank you for stopping by! It’s a great pleasure to have you at Segal Jewelry (Goldstone Brands LTD) appreciates your concern regarding the personal information collected through this site, the legal owner of this website, and assure you that your privacy will be respected. In this notice, you will find complete information about our privacy policies. Your visit to confirms your consent to the privacy policies laid down here.

Information collected

Information shared with us through this website or in any other way is collected and stored. For instance, when you sign-up to receive email updates and communications, and/or place an order, you will be asked to enter personal details. This will in turn be collected, stored and used as needed to deliver the services and products you have requested for. Such personal information may incorporate your name, gender, date of birth, age, address, email address, educational background, credit card details, telephone and fax numbers, along with information pertaining to your activities and interests. You can opt against sharing certain categories of information, but that might make you incapable of using some of the website features. Other people’s information shared with us will also be collected and stored. For instance, if you want to gift a product to a friend, you can submit the name and shipping details of the concerned person.

On visiting any page of, the website will collect and store some non-personally identifiable information by default. For instance, whenever you visit any Segal Jewelry website through your web browser, “cookies” gather some information, such as the web browser type in use, the internet service provider’s domain name and the computer’s operating system. While the majority of browsers automatically accept cookies, you have the freedom to disable them. However, by keeping cookies “turned on”, you will enable us to offer an enhanced shopping experience. Kindly be informed that while utilities from third parties allow anonymous website visits, they may prevent from offering the best shopping experience.

About information use

Every personal detail collected aims to offer you a more relevant and improved shopping experience. Apart from using your information to provide the requested products and services, we also use the information to send across service or product offerings which may interest you, through email or other media. In addition, we may also seek your participation in special surveys and other such activities. You may out of subscribed campaigns by following the instructions available at the bottom of the concerned campaigns.

Also, to provide you a superior online experience with Segal Jewelry, we have applied certain Google Analytics Advertising Features such as demographic and interest reporting, remarketing, impression reporting and DoubleClick integration.

Please note: We will not share any personally-identifiable information with Google Analytics.

Customers can always opt out through the following steps:

In case there is a change of web browser or computer, or cookies are deleted, you are required to repeat the opt-out choices. Similarly, if settings like “site data and block third party cookies” do not allow cookie installation, opt-out cookies will also not function.

You can also adjust your mobile device settings in order to no longer receive mobile interest-focused promotions by Segal Jewelry, in the same manner, as explained below. The instructions are valid for the majority of mobile devices, with the exception of a few. Once this is done, Segal Jewelry will discontinue using your information for sending consumer behavior focused advertising to your mobile device.

Please note: Even after completing the process of opting out, advertisements will be sent to your device, but they will not be customized.

Choosing to opt out on iPods/iPads/iPhones

You will be able to opt out of “cross-app” advertising or mobile interest-based advertising from your Apple device, through updating to a version equivalent to or higher than iOS 6.0, and “turning on” Limit Ad Tracking. This can be done by going to Settings -> General -> About -> Advertising and then setting Limit Ad Tracking to the ‘ON’ mode. We respect your preferences and have accordingly designed our systems; hence while this setting is ON, no personal information centered interest-based advertising will be sent to you.

Choosing to opt out in Android Devices

You may follow the below-mentioned instructions if you wish to opt out of “cross-app” advertising or mobile interest-based advertising from your Android device:

On your device, open the Google Settings app
  1. Choose Ads
  2. Opt out of interest-based ads
  3. We have accordingly designed our systems to respect your preferences made through Android devices.

Your personal information will not be shared except in case of the following:
  1. For the grounds for which it has been provided
  2. With your consent obtained before sharing
  3. In case of legal requirement, as is deemed fit, for safeguarding Segal Jewelry or others from possible loss or injury
  4. For use by other entities or person with whom Segal Jewelry has entered into contract to provide services through its website(s) or for the purpose of other trade activities.

Apart from the purposes mentioned above, the personal information collected may be shared with our parent, subsidiary and affiliate organizations, as well as business partners for reasons mentioned in the Privacy Policy, incorporating the purpose of transmitting information to you regarding services and products, promotions, events and offers that may interest you in any way. If such information is required to be shared with a third party, the recipient will be asked to safeguard that information, as far as possible, in line with the content of this Privacy Policy. But there is no guarantee from our end regarding the manner of personal information usage by a third party.

Segal Jewelry sometimes uses aggregate or summary, non-personally identifiable details collected, for the purpose of content or design enhancement of the website(s) to make your shopping experience better. For the same purpose, such aggregate information may be shared with third parties.
gal Jewelry considers customers’ personal information an asset, which may be transferred to a third party in case it acquires the company. All personal information transmitted in such a case will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy.


It is our firm belief that Segal Jewelry possesses the suitable procedures to safeguard the privacy of personal information shared by us or with us. Our website(s) is/are developed incorporating Secure Sockets Layer software which encrypts such information while it is being transmitted.

Access to rectification

You can access the personal information collected by Segal Jewelry and rectify errors, if any. To know the procedure for accessing and/or rectifying personal information, call us at 1-800-231-7851.

Privacy of children 

Segal Jewelry does not direct its websites to or sells its products to be purchased by children. No information from anyone below eighteen years of age is knowingly collected.

Notices, revisions and terms of usage

Any visit to and/or privacy related dispute concerning any Segal Jewelry website will be governed by our Terms of Use and this Privacy Notice. With time to time developments in our business, our Terms of Use and this Privacy Notice will evolve accordingly. Unless otherwise instructed, we may share with you time to time reminders with respect to our terms and privacy policies. However, it is best to regularly check our web site(s) to remain informed of any changes. Our Privacy Policy form as effective from time to time will hold true for all collected information.




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