The process of making a custom order in Segal Jewelry

Imagine you could bring ANY IDEA into life and create a custom jewelry piece out of it…
Long story short - we can do that for you.

You can express your love to someone special to you by making a unique jewelry, a piece of jewelry that will be unique like your loved one. You could get an iconic and fully personalized piece of jewelry that would be created especially for you and would never go out of style. At last, you could leave it to your children, grandchildren, etc., as a reminder of you that will always bring warm memories and smile on their faces.

Does it sound like a complicated thing do?
No, with us it’s a piece of cake

In Segal Jewelry, we created a unique opportunity to make it happen for you in 3 SIMPLE steps:
You explain your idea to us

You can do it in a way that is the simplest for you:
you provide a painting, drawing or a photo.
(always dreamed of the beautiful heart pendant that lady in Titanic wears – we can make it happen;)
you describe how you imagine it looks like in your own words
or maybe you are just giving us the idea that you want this jewelry piece to represent
Every detail that comes to your mind is important for us, because we want this piece to represent you: what you FEEL, what you DREAM OF, what you BELIEVE in.

We create a sketch of the future piece

When we get all the essential details from you and, if needed, answers to a few of our questions, we create a sketch of the jewelry piece. The picture will start coming to life.
At this stage, you can make corrections, and we can make some changes to it to make it perfect for you.
When the sketch is ready and you feel that everything you want is represented, we move to the next step. And it will be the most pleasant one;)

You decide with materials of your jewelry piece

It can be anything: 14k, 18k, White, Rose, Yellow gold, Platinum, diamond, Sapphire, Black diamond, Ruby, Emerald, or any other gemstone.. Anything possible to get on planet earth (and even something that has fallen from space). You tell us what you want, and we will get it for you.

When you approve our work, and together we make sure that this piece is PERFECT for you, we start to work on it.
Oh… Almost forgot the 4th step...

In 3 weeks, you get the unique jewelry piece of your dreams.

It was created especially for you. It was your idea that brought it to life. It is something that will always be special for you and your beloved ones.

We are Segal Jewelry, and we are here to make it happen!
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The piece of jewelry of your dreams has NEVER been so accessible, and the only one step has left for your to make it real.

Contact us today to start the process:
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