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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The advantage to the princess cut diamonds is that they are lighter in color than their round brilliant counterparts which makes them very appealing in any setting. These engagement rings can also come in a variety of different colored metals which include 14K White Gold, 18K White Gold, Platinum, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold and 18K Yellow Gold. Although all these colors are very beautiful and come in some wonderful metals, platinum is probably the most popular in this list of metals. Platinum sparkles in the sun like no other metal and it has an overall brighter luster than all of the other metals.

No matter what kind of engagement ring settings that you choose to go with your new diamond engagement ring, you will definitely have a lot of fun selecting and designing your own engagement rings. This is because the princess cut engagement rings can be designed to look great just as much as the traditional round brilliant rings. They will definitely beautifully sparkle in the sun and they can be set in any precious metals that you wish to set them in. There are many different looks that you can achieve with princess cut ring settings and you will have a lot of fun designing your own look.

What do Princess cut engagement rings mean?

  • A princess-cut diamond has a lot to offer to the users due to the brilliant sparkle and clarity of the diamond. It is a ring designed like a square on the top and contains four sides giving the impression of an upside pyramid. The excellent cut and the square-shaped design give the best brilliance and clarity of color compared to other cuts. The specific arrangement of the four sides makes the ring appear bigger.

Why is Princess cut more expensive?

  • Princess cut diamonds use more than 80% of the stone for the completion of the ring. The corner measure of the top side gives the illusion to appear larger than it is in reality. The diameter of the princess cut is larger than the round cut diamonds. These factors contribute to a rise in the price of these diamonds.

Do princess or round cut diamonds look bigger?

  • The princess cut diamonds are indeed larger than the round cut diamonds. The top of princess cut diamonds is bigger. It gives the impression of a large-sized diamond to the viewers. Hence it is a good option for occasions like engagement if you are planning for a larger ring that can give a unique brilliance and shine.

Are princess cut diamonds cheaper less popular than others?

  • Round diamonds are the most expensive in terms of worth. A princess-cut diamond appears to be less costly when it is compared to round-cut diamonds. It is a good option if you want to purchase the diamonds on an optimal budget. The decrease in the price of princess cut diamonds is mainly due to the small decrease in the surface area of the crown when compared to the round cut diamonds.

How much is a princess cut diamond engagement ring worth?

  • The price of the diamond ring depends on the carat distribution and the type of metal used. As the weight of the carat, it increases the prices. In the case of a princess cut diamond, prices start at $800 and end at $7,000. Segal Jewelry proposes a large variety of princess cut diamond rings with the best quality, especially for your ceremony.