Conflict-Free Diamonds

We believe you should know the origins of any gemstone or natural diamond you purchased. We share this concern and we make sure that every one of the gemstones is obtained through legal and supervised sources. 

Each and every diamond and other precious stone we obtain is done in compliance with the Kimberly process, Patriot act and other United Nations resolutions. Furthermore, we only work with professional, government certified diamond traders. 

Segal Jewelry is located in the heart of the well-known, famous International diamond exchange district in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Our physical presence in the heart of this diamond exchange district allows us to offer you the very best, finest quality, ethically produced diamonds in competitive prices.

What does it mean ‘Conflict-Free’?

Conflict-free diamonds are gems which during its mining and polishing process there were no affiliation and/or contribution to any human rights associated abuses, violence, environmental degradation, child labor or any other negative impact repercussions.

The Kimberly process passed by the United Nations had an important role in preventing the legal trade in what is referred to as ‘Blood diamonds’, diamonds with a history of affiliation to drug trafficking, human suffering and many other awful things. However, the Kimberly process only covered legitimate regulated countries and even now, in Africa for example there countries which bankroll conflicts using diamonds. When purchasing a Conflict-Free diamond you make sure that your diamond was not part of any negative experience and you make sure its history is known.

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