Black Diamond - The New Gold

There is a huge misconception about the black diamond. Some are claiming that it can’t be real. The problem is that not many have knowledge about the black diamond.

It can become the new gold. There are many benefits to the black diamond. Something that many don’t understand. With this information, it is easier to understand what the black diamond is and why this is becoming the new gold.

What is the black diamond?

Black diamonds are actually opaque diamonds with black color. It only has one color density, and this is black. It won’t give the same light reflection as normal diamonds that is reflecting light in three different ways. The only other diamond that has the same light reflection as the black diamond is the red diamond. It only reflects fancy red, white with the black diamond it reflects fancy black.

The color of the black diamond comes from the inclusions of graphite and random clustering throughout the diamond. Making it a black diamond, or a partial black diamond, depending on the amount of graphite in the diamond. Black diamonds are starting to grow in popularity among people that are looking for unique jewelry.

Features of the black diamond

With these features, it is easier to understand why black diamonds are becoming so popular and why it is known to be the new gold.

  • Black diamonds are rare and will not lose value ever. In fact, the value of a black diamond will just increase over time. Wedding rings with such a stone are a great choice.
  • Black diamonds are real diamonds. It is rare and has traces of graphite in that other, normal diamonds don’t have. The reason for the black color.
  • The structure of the black diamond is different from the white diamond. Meaning that the black diamonds appear opaquer. Not giving the same light reflection as white diamonds.
  • Black diamonds are higher in quality than white diamonds. Their value is higher than the same size white diamond.
  • The surprise is that black diamonds are normally cheaper than white diamonds, even if it is rarer than white diamonds.

The difference between black and white diamonds

It is important to know and to understand the difference between black and white diamonds. It is easier to understand why the black diamond is known as the new gold, after this comparison.

  • White and black diamonds are both real diamonds, but they are just having different colors.
  • The white diamonds are easier to find than black diamonds.
  • The one thing that is different in a black diamond is the graphite that is visible in the diamond, giving the black color.
  • It is harder to find black diamond jewelry than to find white diamond jewelry
  • Real black diamonds aren’t just white diamonds that got colored in a lab. It is truly found black in the mining process. There are some of the black diamonds that are colored in a lab, where they are turning white diamonds into black diamonds. The reason for this is because of how rare the black diamonds really are.
Diamond may well be the world's most versatile engineering material as well as its most famous gemstone. Source: National Minerals Information Center

Why this is something that people starts to consider

Black diamonds are something that people start to consider. It is getting popular to wear black diamond jewelry, it is cheaper than white diamonds, and is making jewelry unique.

There is a huge difference between the black diamond and the black chaffier stone. The black chaffier stone is produced in a lab and is actually a fake stone, making the jewelry a lot cheaper. The black diamond is a real, rare diamond that is still cheaper than white diamond jewelry, but that is giving a unique appearance.

The black diamond is just as durable as a white diamond. The black diamond is also a natural stone that just has one ingredient extra. It has the graphite extra, that is turning the diamond in a black diamond. This is also something that you can be sure about, that will not lose the value. The value of the black diamond today, will be the same value in 5 years.

Conclusion. Black diamond- the new gold

Black diamonds, the new gold. With good reason. It is a unique diamond, in black color. The same natural stone as the white diamond, but with traces of graphite that is turning the diamond black. Making great looking, unique jewelry. This might not be something in everyone’s taste, but this is great for someone that is looking for a completely different piece of jewelry.

Black diamonds really do exist. And, it is a natural diamond, that is just black instead of a white diamond. There are many benefits to investing in jewelry with a black diamond, instead of a white diamond. There are fake black diamonds, but most of the diamonds are natural stones with more graphite in than with other diamonds, turning the diamond black. Therefore, the name of the black diamond.

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