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White Gold Rings

At Segal Jewelry we have rings for you in different sizes, styles, and colours to adorn yourself for a lifetime. From your favorite gemstone to the ring shape that fits your finger accurately, there are many things to consider before you purchase a ring for you or your better half.

Here, you will learn all the tips on why to select a white gold ring for your partner. Most of the women prefer to wear white gold rings on their big memorable day. A white gold ring is the best way to show your love and compassion for your future partner. White gold rings are available online at our store — Segal Jewelry, but before you choose anyone, you need to keep the price in mind.

White gold engagement and wedding rings for men and women

Choose which metal will suit your finger. A white gold promise ring is popular because of its rarity and durability. The white gold heart ring is designed in the form of the heart shape and it will be a perfect gift for a newlywed couple.

Before you place an order, here are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself while you choose a ring for your spouse.

What makes a white gold engagement ring valuable?

  • Like yellow gold, white gold ring’s purity is defined in karats. A white gold diamond eternity ring is often made of nickel which provides support for the durable setting. Also, white gold has more silver content than yellow gold and is highly expensive.

How much is a white gold engagement ring?

  • Before you go shopping for your ring, it's a wise step to look at the price of the ring. The price of the white gold woman ring varies from $2,299 to $3,999. It's up to you which ring you choose and why.

Which finger to wear a white gold wedding ring?

  • You can wear a white gold birthstone ring in the right finger of the left hand.

Where to buy a white gold engagement ring?

  • Don't worry! You can easily buy your favorite white gold promise ring from the best online store, Segal Jewelry.
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