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We’ve all seen the classic ring shaped like a simple circle. But did you know there are at least 8 different unique shapes a ring can have? Here at Segal Jewelry we can create any of these shapes for your custom ring. Just keep reading to find out what each design means and choose your favorite.”

Butterfly for Elegance

Butterflies have always been associated with grace and elegance. What better way to compliment your significant other than to offer her a delicate butterfly encrusted ring? We can craft an elegant butterfly ring in platinum or gold to match the stone you’ve picked.

Lotus Flower for Purity

Lotus flowers are known for their resilience and beauty. They grow in hostile environments and seeing a pure lotus flower against a muddy pond enhances its charm. Not to mention, a lotus flower is an original frame for her favorite gemstone.


Rose Flower for Passion

Roses are one of the best ways of expressing passionate feelings. They’ve been a symbol for love since Ancient Greece and Rome. Why not remind your beloved of your feelings by adding this classical symbol to her ring?


Bamboo for Virtue

Bamboo inspired rings remind us to stay true to ourselves during hard times. Although bamboo is really flexible, it always stands tall. Similarly, a relationship that has strength and flexibility is sure to last. Gift someone you love one of our bamboo rings and she will definitely be impressed.


Leaf for Hope

Just as the leaves in spring give us hope in nature, the leaf motifs on a ring give us hope in our relationship. The delicate designs complement the gemstones perfectly, highlighting their brilliance. Nature has always been an inspiration for us, so we want to bring it closer to you.


Flowers for Happiness

A bouquet of flowers is sure to cheer anyone up. With their vitality and vibrant colors, they are always a welcomed gift. Imagine how happy your significant other would be to receive a beautiful floral ring!


Yin and Yang for Balance

The ancient symbols of Yin and Yang have been associated with balance. Rather than being opposites, these two forces complement each other. We think this is an essential concept for a happy marriage, so we’ve created the Yin Yang Wedding Bands to preserve this idea.


Vintage for Durability

Vintage designs that have passed the test of time are the perfect example of durability and timeless charm. We’ve created a variety of designs to celebrate the most beautiful vintage motifs and carry them into the present. These designs are sure to inspire the longevity of any marriage.