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  • Segal Jewelry John and Chris review

    Jhon & Chris - USA

    We was looking for an engagement ring, I wanted it to be a unique engagement ring. I was looking for long time what to do. I found the best option on as unique engagement ring in Jewelry. They have huge catalog and I could customize the ring according to my requirements. Such a great place to find a unique engagement rings.

  • Segal Jewelry Kristi review

    Kristi - USA

    For me, my order of a unique engagement rings from Segal Jewelry - was great decistion. I really recommend them. This unique ring look great on my hand.

  • Segal Jewelry Tome and Samie review

    Tom & Samie - United Kingdom

    The ring is absolutely beautiful and the service I received from Yaniv was beyond excellent! He made the service so personal and it's so refreshing to deal with a seller / creator that strives to make everything perfect. I can't thank him enough for all of his help and would definitely use Segal Jewelry again!

  • Segal Jewelry Edgar review

    Edgar - USA

    Totally in love with the customer service and dedication Yaniv gives to his clients . My beloved girlfriend, now fiancee, is totally in love with her ring and so am I. The quality and level of craftsmanship is just sublime. If you want something unique that would have her friends saying wow!, I would totally recommend you check what Segal Jewelry has to offer.

  • Segal Jewelry Pagie Review

    Paige - USA

    Was super thrilled when I received my engagement ring last year and I can't wait to wear both of them after my wedding :) they are beautifully made and totally unique.

  • Segal Jewelry Ethan review

    Ethan - USA

    I couldn't be more happier with the communication, small amout of time i gave to have the ring created (2 weeks),speed of the delivery and also the ring of course. Yaniv did his all mighty best to get my ring created with the size, chosen stone and metal all in such a short time and posted in time for me to take on a wild journey to the other side of the world to propose to my now fiancée. I couldn't be more happier and my fiancée is im love wiyh her gorgeous dazzling ring. Thanks Yaniv you did a spectacular job especially with communication and speed cheers.

  • Segal Jewelry Taylor review

    Taylor - USA

    My girlfriend (now fiancé) loves this ring and it fit her finger and personality perfectly. Could not be more pleased with Yaniv’s responsiveness throughout the entire process. Will definitely be ordering from him again. And soon; next up, wedding band!

Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings

Having unique engagement rings is something that nowadays every girl dreams about. No doubt this is something really special about receiving an engagement ring that is slightly different from anything else.Your unique ring will also be reflective of your uniqueness as a couple.

How to find a unique ring?

Unique does not mean to buy a ring that is over the top. There are different ways to find a unique ring and order it from the comfort of your home online.

One of the best ways to find a unique ring is to have a gemstone as the center of your ring instead of choosing a diamond. Each gemstone in your unique wedding rings can be found in a variety of styles and colors.

On the other hand, depending on the durability and setting of the stone, the price for each unique gold ring can vary. But buying a gemstone that is unique and different from a traditional diamond ring is a perfect way to make your moment worth-remembering.

What are unique wedding rings worth?

Unique wedding rings for women are available in different colors and shades. If you want to order unique engagement rings for women then the price ranges from $1260 to $6750.

What styles of rings have become popular?

Based on your style and preferences, we at Segal Jewelry can create almost anything from organically inspired rings to floral designs, we have designed all types of unique gold jewelry.

Where to wear unique engagement rings?

Traditionally, unique engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This 4th finger is also referred to as the ring finger. The roots of these traditions come from people of Ancient Rome.

How to design a wedding ring finger?

There is a large range of uniqueness when it comes to customizing your unique gold rings. But you can divide this into three categories such as collection design, customization design, and bespoke unique ring design.

Segal Jewelry not only deals with engagement and anniversary rings in fact we also design earrings, pendants, necklaces, bridal sets and all types of jewelry. So, you can get any jewelry at our studio according to an individual plan.

We at Segal Jewelry design unique jewelry for unique people. What are you waiting for? Now you can order any type of jewelry online from us!