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If you’re looking for unique gemstones for a meaningful engagement ring, you should consider birthstones as a starting point. Each month has a gemstone associated with it and each of them is a symbol with a deeper meaning. We’ve made a list of all the stones and their meanings so you can easily find the perfect one for your significant other. ”

January: Garnets for Protection

The blood Red Garnets are associated with protection and keeping a loved one safe. Because of their dark Red color and because they reflect most of the light that reaches them, they’ve always been extremely popular with travelers. Explorers would carry the garnets in their journeys to protect them from evil and light up the night. Just as we all have our own journeys in life, gifting a garnet is a thoughtful way of showing someone that you want to keep them safe.

February: Amethysts for Wisdom

The vibrant Violet Amethysts have been a symbol for wisdom since Ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, amethysts got their lively color from the wine god Dionysus who emptied his cup on a white, innocent statue of a girl. Even the name comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which means “not drunken”. So, amethysts are the perfect gemstones for clear-headed people born in February to remind them that a certain degree of wisdom is crucial.


March: Aquamarines for Serenity

The Blue Aquamarines are not as well-known as other gemstones, but they are just as beautiful. Symbols of serenity, they evoke memories of a calm endless sea or of a clear sky during the summer. Sailors used to carry Aquamarines around on long voyages for good luck. Finally, because of their calming effect, they are said to bring harmony in a marriage. What better stone to add to an engagement ring?


April: Diamonds for Strength

The clear Diamond is known for its toughness and durability, making it the ideal symbol for strength. Their complex structure makes them one of the hardest stones that exist. Everyone knows how rare and precious they are. Anyone would be proud to wear a Diamond ring. They are a nice way of reminding someone born in April that they are in fact stronger on the inside, even if they don’t believe it yet.


May: Emeralds for Hope

Emeralds have always been known for their rich Green color and for their resistance. They inspire hope and the promise of a good future as their color reminds us of spring. Because of this, they are perfect as the main gemstone on engagement rings. Since they evoke hope for the new chapter in someone’s life, an emerald engagement ring can be a promise of a successful marriage.


June: Alexandrite for Love

The ever-changing Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most precious gemstones in the world. Just like real love is one of the most treasured feelings. One Alexandrite can change its color from green to red or purple depending on the light and the angle. Likewise, gifting a ring with an Alexandrite reminds the person that love has many sides to it. It goes beyond what we think of as romantic love.


July: Rubies for Vitality

The deep Red Rubies have always been praised for their beauty. They highest quality Rubies, the dark Red ones that remind us of blood, have fascinated people for centuries. Because of this association with blood, they’ve become a symbol of vitality. People born in the scorching heat of July deserve an engagement ring topped by a Ruby that reminds everyone they’re full of energy and life.


August: Peridots for Beauty

The Olive-Green Peridots have been associated with great beauty since Ancient Egypt. They are unique stones that keep the exact same color both in natural and artificial light. Similarly, real beauty is said to stay the same no matter the circumstances. If you want to remind someone of how amazing they are, peridots are the perfect stones to add to your gift.


September: Sapphires for Good Fortune

The deep Blue Sapphires have been traditionally favored by noble kings and spiritual priests. It was also believed they could guard against poison and misfortune. Because of this purifying power, if a snake was placed in a vessel made of Sapphire it would die. Today, it’s easy to get someone a Sapphire ring to wish them the best of luck.


October: Opals for Creativity

The colorful Opals can show multiple eye-catching colors at the same time. It was thought to be the luckiest stone since it showed the qualities of all other gemstones through its colors. Nowadays it is associated with creativity and the ability to imagine new possibilities in any situation. Any jewelry that contains Opals is guaranteed to inspire an artistic soul.


November: Topaz for Abundance

The brilliant Yellow Topaz was thought to attract gold and wealth. It’s easy to see why it was associated with royalty and why kings and nobles loved wearing it. The golden Yellow of the topaz offers elegance to any pieces of jewelry and the wearer can consider themselves lucky. They’re wearing the gemstone that encourages abundance in someone’s life.


December: Turquoises for Friendship

Turquoises are so unique, we had to invent a color just for them. But their beauty is worth it. A few centuries ago in Turkey, Turquoises were used as commonly used as gifts as they aided the process of making friends. The interesting part is that you could only gift it if it was gifted to you by a friend. Today, we use it to show deeper feeling than just friendship. But its original meaning stays with us.