Why invest in a handmade engagement ring? Because your significant other is unique and she deserves a ring that reflects that. When ordering a custom-made ring, you have full control over the design. You get to choose her favorite metal, stone and cut. To help you, we guarantee a high-quality ring made by skilled craftsmen, not by mindless machines, to make sure that each step is executed perfectly. Because of this, every ring we create is one-of-a-kind and has a different meaning. (Your girlfriend is truly special and we believe her ring should express that.) But how do we create these unique rings? There are 7 steps that turn your idea into reality. 

3D Moddeling

We start by creating a 3D design of your idea using one of the most advanced jewelry design software on the market, Gemvision Matrix.

3D Printing

We then print the design with a high-quality 3D printer to make the prototype exactly like you imagined it.

Vacuum casting

Next, we create the ring itself through a vacuum casting machine that fixes the molten metal based on the desired shapes.

Filing and soldering

Each piece is filed, fixed and tested to ensure it raises to our standard of quality. Individual parts are soldered together to create the final result: the ring.

Stone setting

We take the stone you have carefully chosen and set it in its place. This process is very meticulous and it’s done entirely under a microscope.

Finishing up

The ring is polished to perfection and cleaned of any unwanted materials.

Quality check

Each ring is tested again, to make sure it matches your expectations and our high standards of quality. Since it’s a custom-made ring, we give a lot of attention to each ring that leaves our studio.

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